Kabbage Cash Advance…Have you heard?

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Any small business using PayPal or selling through eBay, Amazon, or Yahoo may qualify for Kabbage funds.

Growing a business is hard work, getting funding shouldn’t be.
Kabbage can get you a Kabbage Advance to grow your business in under 5 minutes.
Free to Sign Up, No Obligation to take the money.

Don’t believe us? Give it a try.

Fast Flexible Funding At Your Fingertips

Have you ever seen that amazing deal on inventory, but didn’t have the money to buy it? Have you ever needed to ramp up personnel for an upcoming promotion? Have you ever needed to buy a piece of equipment to make your business more efficient? With Kabbage advances you can do the things you need to do to grow.

Money When You Need It For What You Need

With Kabbage you have 24-hour access to funds to grow your business. Money is transferred directly to your account immediately. Sign up is FREE. You have no obligation to take money.

Safe & Secure Funds

Your data is in good hands. Your information is handled by a 3rd party data security partner utilizing the latest 128-bit encryption. They never store or view your passwords to your marketplaces or payment processors. They simply redirect you to those sites to confirm ownership of your accounts.

No Hidden Costs

Kabbage is the simple friendly way to get funds to grow your business. You only incur a Cost for the cash you have taken and only while those amounts are outstanding. There is no penalty for making transfers early. No hidden charges. Sign up is FREE, so…


We used this once and immediately qualified for $500.00, which we put to good use. :)  Now, we NEVER recommend lending; however, as a viable Cash Advance option, Kabbage creates a payment plan that pays your advance off quickly!  For a short time, when you click on the links in this post to see if you qualify for a Kabbage Cash Advance, you will get a $50 American Express Gift Card from Kabbage if you qualify and sign up (this promotion is through Kabbage and may not last forever)!


It’s so simple..It may take some TIME, but if you do this, you WILL grow your online presence.
It takes TIME to build a business. It takes TIME and EFFORT…If you take the time to build your business EVERY DAY, you will have more Visitors to your Shop, which translate to SALES.

Here’s a FACT:
For every 100 Visitors to your Shop, it is estimated that only 1 of those visitors will become a customer. At the end of the day, when I look at my stats (we can discuss that later..so much to talk about!!), 1 out of 100 Visitors has purchased.

What does that mean for you?
You HAVE to get as many people to your Etsy shop as possible…also known as ‘Driving Traffic’.

How do you do that??
You reach out to others…We are going to give you Tips to do this, but for now, it is so easy to get started by simply visiting your Team Members’ Pages, and Like and Follow them. COMMENT on their FB Pages with a complement about their shop (NOT the standard, “Hi, I am following you from Etsy”). Remember, it’s about INTERACTION, NOT JUST LIKES OR FOLLOWS.

We have had quite a few people contact us and say that they don’t have the Likes and Followers on their pages they were hoping for from this team. {sad face}

You may be thinking that you don’t want to Like a person’s page if their Shop is not interesting to you, but their Page may be interesting to your Friends and vice versa….THEIR Friends may like YOUR Page! (Remember to check your facebook settings to allow Friends of Friends to see your Posts…questions on how to do this can be Posted under this Thread).

Your goal is to get as many Followers as you can interacting with your Page, and you cannot build an online presence without Followers. When you TAKE THE TIME to reach out to others, your online business will slowly grow.

So, take time this weekend to start reaching out and getting others to Like you:

1) Visit our team Member’s Shops on Etsy, Facebook Pages, Twitter Feeds, etc. and Like and Follow them.

2) COMMENT on their Facebook Page with something nice…they will remember you for that and be more likely to Follow and Like you back.

Now that you have your assignment…Start Building your Business!

Scott and Niki



Are you a Small Business that is looking to market your brand and products online?  Do you have an Etsy shop?  Are you trying to make it on Ebay or Amazon?  Or have you expanded and created your own site that you need help marketing?

We are so excited to offer our FREE advice and tips in this Blog, and hope that our 25 years of online selling can in some way help you achieve the goals you desire.

Follow us as we explore the MANY options to sell your products online, how to market those products and enjoy it!